The Design

The HopeStrong® Collection is made up of three powerful symbols:

Cross,Faith, Believe             The Cross:           Cross,Faith, Believe

Centrally located, it is
the foundation of the HopeStrong® concept,
meant to remind us to ALWAYS BELIEVE, and Never let our faith waiver. 


heart, love,    The Open Heart:    heart, love,

Surrounds the cross

Based on the notion that


It reminds us to SPREAD LOVE as often as possible!


Cross for faith          The Dove:        Cross for faith

Lines the outside and connects all three symbols
Symbolically, it represents Wisdom and Guidance. 
Reminding us to learn and grow from our experiences!


Separately, each symbol carries meaning, but together, it creates the HopeStrong® emblem, a sign that lets people know you are stronger than your struggles, you are beautiful, blessed and optimistic. YOU ARE HOPESTRONG!