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Beautiful Product, More Beautiful Meaning

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Our Mission

The HopeStrong mission is to create a symbol that is beautiful to wear, that holds a deeper meaning, and can make an impact on the world we live in today, by promoting a society of people that will share its true meaning with everyone they come across.  The symbol is meant to provide strength; by believing, spreading love, keeping a positive mindset and always hoping for the best.  It is much more than just a piece of Jewelry. It is a mindset, a way of life, it is knowing that you are strong enough to overcome anything, and believing that you will!  It encompasses all that is good in this world, a recipe for success, prosperity, happiness and health!  It's that symbol that reminds you to hold on, everything will be ok,  because you are HopeStrong, and together WE ARE HopeStrong! 

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Beautiful and Amazing story behind the design! I love how each purchase gives back to someone fighting a battle.

- Mychel L Fischer

HopeStrong jewelry touched our lives several years ago. In addition to having our own beautiful pieces, we give them frequently as gifts. Always they are received with immense gratitude!

- Lisa Loyet Schmitz

Amazing jewelry with a beautiful meaning. Thank you for giving HOPE, Love and Faith to so many.

- Lori Snell Kelling